co Creating Links for Your Small Business Site Isn't As Difficult As You Think |

There are many great ways to generate links for your small business website, but it takes a little ingenuity to find learn how.

The purpose of link building is for those links to contain keywords that point to or refer to your website. These keywords let search engines “in” on what your website is really all about. Search engines are kind of like the old town crier. They announce your website and what you have to offer to the world, or in this case, to the World Wide Web.

It’s very important that your links contain keywords.

Start your link with one of your major keywords or keyword phrases. Repeat that keyword at least once in the link. Add other keywords throughout your post, but don’t go too crazy or the search engines might penalize you. Make sure you have content writing, meaning actual language that tells who you are, what you do, and what services or products you offer. and that keywords are a natural part of your site. This is best done by link text, and not by a logo or image button.

Remember to post a “Link to Us” page on your website. This will oftentimes be reciprocated. Be sure to respond to those who request to link and it’s important to list the entire HTML tag so that people can copy it easily. Use Don’t skip the www portion or the search engines may not index you properly which will result in a lower rank.

Some site owners offer a small text link under the image or logo, so be sure to look for it.
If another site says they’ve placed a link, check it out to make sure it’s done properly. If not, ask quickly while it’s fresh on their mind. If you ask someone to link with you, provide your exact link information, so there’s no second guessing.

Five Great Ways to Generate Links:

1. First, register with search directories such as the Open Directory Project. They give links that search engines read.

2. Go to websites of who you know—friends, family, and employees sites. Also consider sites of the products you use, association sites, manufacturer’s sites, and even go to competitor’s sites and see who they have listed. Asking for a link like asking for a date—it doesn’t hurt to ask and it just might work out.

3. Send out press releases—you’ll pick up links from even the free systems. Press releases are a powerful media tool and once you’ve done a couple, they’re not as intimidating as you first imagined. Send out press releases when you open your business, have a contest, a new promotion, open a franchise, do charity work within your community or celebrate an anniversary.

4. Consider paying for link building services or purchasing link building software. If you want to get established on the Internet quickly, these can really help you move up the ranks. The most well known link building services are,, and Some services even sell links from high ranking PageRank websites.

5. Write some “linkbait.” What’s that you ask? Write a short post that’s funny, quirky, helpful, easy to remember, or important to know (such as a glossary of technical or hard to remember terms). Offer it with a link and promote it as something you want them to post and pass on—just make sure your link goes with it. The more it gets spread about the ‘Net, the better.

At first, link building takes time, but it’s worth it. Within a few months of launching your website, you can receive thousands of visitors through your links. As with any small business, getting started off on the right foot and with a little bit of momentum is a smart idea—and link building is that smart idea you’ve been looking for.