co How Link Building Boosts Your Ranking |

Nothing is more frustrating for a small business than to jump through all the Internet hoops and then for nothing to happen. You build your website, make sure it’s optimized, register the darn thing…and then it sounds like crickets on a summer night. No traffic.

Search engines use links to find your site. It’s how they determine how valuable you are.
Even though you’ve gone to a lot of trouble already, it’s time to take a deep breath and begin to build links.

Why Links are Important:

Search Engines look for the number of links that point to your page to determine how valuable your website really is.

Links help the search engines determine your websites theme. They do this by searching the link text’s keywords–which offers clues as to what you’re about.

Links can literally be the deciding factor as to whether your site is indexed and how well it is ranked.

Links are like breadcrumbs. The search engines and search bots follow links.
They index a page, follow one link to a page, follow another link to another page, and the more links there are leading to a page, the quicker a page is indexed.

Search engines are aptly named. They’re searching. They’re looking for what matches or lines up with words or phrases people type in when they’re looking for something. Search engines analyze links to help them decide how closely your site aligns to a particular word. Search engines aren’t capable of analyzing content to the same degree, so they rely on links to guide them.

Any small business owner who has already invested in a website or blog owes it to their business to finish the marathon. Link building will provide the valuable information needed so that you can be indexed, ranked, and ultimately found by your potential customers and clients.