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If the whole social media concept has you baffled, one that is truly worth your time to investigate is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is for business people and is considered a professional network that has an impressive 35 million registered users connected to 170 business related industries.

LinkedIn uses a “gate-access approach,” which means that connections are made from preexisting relationships or by “introductions.” That means that rocker dude isn’t trying to hit on pretty girl just because he likes her wallpaper which is fancy name for how she decorates her page and what’s playing on her iPod.

LinkedIn is for business people who know that social media networking is the new “power lunch.”

LinkedIn is about contacts. The list of people you know is called your “connections.” You can invite other business people to join LinkedIn by email, (even if they haven’t joined LinkedIn, you can invite them) so who you know matters—and who they know—matters.

Your list of connections will grow and can be used to help you find a job, check out a job candidate, find new business opportunities and grow your network community with fellow business people who are there for the same purpose.

Now that you know a little about LinkedIn, you’re probably thinking about joining. Like all social networks, it’s smart to learn how the system works in order to reap the maximum benefits.

Join Caroline Melberg for this fantastic workshop:

Ok, I’m LinkedIn… Now What?!?
How to Use LinkedIn to Find New Clients and Grow Your Business

The workshop will cover:

• What LinkedIn is and why you should care
• How to network on LinkedIn
• The essentials of creating a power-packed profile that shows up in the LinkedIn search results
• How to use LinkedIn to find new clients or customers and grow your sales

This workshop is so popular that Caroline has had to add an additional LinkedIn class.

Workshop date: February 19th, 6p.m.

It’s a BYOL, Bring Your Own Laptop class where we’ll log-in to your profile and make changes that will make show you effective strategies for using LinkedIn to grow your business.

For more information and to register, go to: and click on the February 19th class today!