co How to Create Your Keyword List to Optimize Your Website |

Keywords are a very important part of your web design. If used correctly, keywords can help search engines find your site and drive traffic your way. Small business websites need all the help they can get and with a little bit of know-how, you can position your small business site for maximum exposure.

First, you need to develop your keyword list.

How? One easy way is to brainstorm. What is your site about?
List all the key words that describe your business, its services and products. If someone were looking you up in the phone book or on the web and couldn’t remember your exact name, what might they check under?

Other ways to create your keyword list is by utilizing sites such as Keyword or, or Google AdWords.

Ideally, your Internet search will verify many of the keywords you came up with on your own, but it will also give you some new possiblities. You should have about 50 to choose from, and of those 50, you’ll probably focus on 10 to 20 on a regular basis. By keywords, I also mean keyword phrases, such as: water damage, carpet repair, etc.

It’s important to note that the broader the category, the more competition you’ll have. It’s better to be king of a small kingdom than a peasant of a large kingdom. Don’t go too obscure, but narrow the search to what your company does and what people would look for that would lead them to your site.

Once you have your keyword list, it’s important to optimize each page with one or two keyword phrases.

To optimize a page, the TITLE tag is on of the most important components. The best position for a keyword is at the beginning of your tag. Place only one key phrase at the beginning of the tag. Remember to scatter one or two keyword phrases throughout each of your web pages. You’ll find that it comes pretty natural if you took the time to choose the proper keywords.

See? It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Keywords are the best way to draw traffic to your site and let the search engines know what you’re all about. Take the time to incorporate keywords into your website design and in time, you’ll reap the benefits for your small business needs.