co Small Business Marketing, Get Your Service or Products Featured on Local Television |

If you own a small business, then you know how important it is to get exposure. Paying for a television commercial might be out of your marketing budget, but don’t give up hope. There are other ways to be featured on local television–if you figure out your angle, present it professionally, and then deliver with a community based message or offer.

It might be time for you to start considering how your product or service can be of help.

Brainstorm Methods for Getting on Local TV:

Can your product or service be used for storm prevention or clean up?

Can your product or service be of use to a certain segment of the population? The elderly? Given as gifts for teachers or firefighters? Can it help a pet shelter?

Have you considered offering free services to the local homeless shelters or homes for the mentally challenged?

Have you thought about a holiday tie in? A funny contest or challenge that your local TV station might want to film?

Can you offer 5 helpful hints based off your business? (I know a local beauty product business that is featured on local TV for every holiday and offers gift ideas, beauty tips, and has become a “regular” by building a relationship with local programming).

A television news program, special interest program, or interview is not to be used as a commercial. You won’t get on if that’s your motive. It’s about helping others. Your pitch has to be about community service–or it has to be about a quirky, funny, over-the-top contest or promotion that is so appealing that it’s newsworthy.

Don’t be surprised if it works! Local shows need local features. Why not yours?
It’s a great way to promote your small business–and do something great for your community.