co Video Conferencing for Small Businesses, Utilize this Smart and Affordable Communication Tool |

Video conferencing, also known as web conferencing has been around for awhile, but with the latest technology it’s now available and affordable for small busineses.

Video conferencing can save time and money—and who doesn’t need that in today’s economic climate?

The benefits of video conferencing are:
• It’s great to use between two people (point to point) —or multiple groups (multi point) in various parts of the country.
• Video or web conferencing can incorporate other computer/visual materials such as shared documents, white boards, and training materials and other audio and visual materials that will enhance your presentations.
• Many video or web conferencing services only require downloading software and a webcam. Even if your recipient doesn’t have a webcam, they can participate in voice mode only.
• Most new notebook computers have built in webcams–so that’ not an added expense.
• Why fly to a location for meeting when video conferencing is a much smarter alternative amd saves on travel expenses?
• A video or web conference is much more interactive than a phone call—and encourages participation–those who participate can’t easily surf the web, eat lunch, and not pay attention while on camera.
• You can reach a wider audience, chat with potential clients, brain storm with partners, and even teach a webinar with the use of video or web conferencing.
• Humans are complicated. Emails can be misunderstood and hours of conference calls are boring and ineffective. By utilizing the visual image, you are able to utilize visual, audible, and gestural clues needed to make solid assessments.

Video conferencing has many applications. Get creative. Involve your employees, welcome new and potential clients by showing them you have the technological tools to compete. What better way to announce a new product line, share a marketing video, or get feedback at a pivotal time than by using this simple and affordable technlogy?

There are many companies offering video conferencing services such as Skype VoIP, Gmail (Voice and Video Chat), Webex, ooVoo, and Live-, to name a few.

Be sure to check your options before committing to a video or web conferencing service. Quality, types of services and prices range greatly, so take care in choosing what’s best for your small business.