co Email Signatures, a Simple and Powerful Tool for Small Businesses |

Want an easy way to direct your clients and potential clients to your website?
Try an email signature, also referred to as an e-signature.

An email signature is an automatic way to sign all your e-correspondents (clients, personal friends, new contacts, a paid email list)that contains vital information about you, your company, what you have to offer, and how to find you.

An email signature can contain any of the following:

• An e-signature that lis a particular font. it can ook like a hand signature (don’t worry, it can’t be used for legal signing purposes) or it could be the font that you use for your company’s logo
• A link to your website,
• A photo or avatar of your business (with a link to your any online sales avenue),
• A marketing message, if appropriate–this could be a quote or endorsement, a discount, or even advertising an upcoming event or tele-seminar
• Other pertinent information such as address, phone, or fax

There are several ways to create an email signature
You can use MS Outlook, Outlook Express, or several email services such as Hotmail, but investigate your different options because some programs offer more flexibility than others
You can even have more than one email signatures to address different sectors–business and informal, for example

How to Create an Email Signature (in MS Outlook or Outlook Express)
• Go to Tools and select Options
• Click on the Format tab
• Scroll down to “signature picker” –here you can add, change, or delete signatures
• Create what you like, save it and “name it” if you choose to have more than one
• You can choose one as a default

The reason why e-signatures are such an effective marketing tool is that it’s basically free and easy to set up, and it makes you and your small business more accessible. Most email viewers interest are piqued by a visual component or if there’s a promotion—an upcoming holiday discount, the announcement of a free tele-seminar. This simple way to sign your emails can be the easiest way for people to follow that lead—and find themselves on your website, placing an order, or making a call.

A few helpful hints for creating that perfect E-signature:

• Limit your signature to no more than five lines with 50-80 characters at the max
• Limit your “ad” (promotion, commercial) to one of those lines
• Avoid fancy graphics (moving parts) since not every computer than load it fast enough
• Make your name (or company’s name) and website clickable—meaning it’s a link and will take them there with a click of the mouse
• You might not want to list home phone or home address since emails can get forwarded to strangers

If you don’t have an e-signature, spend a few minutes and set one up.
It’s such a great little marketing tool loaded with information that invites people to take a further look—and that’s being small business savvy.