co Small Business Smarts, Drive Customers to Visit Your Website Again and Again |

There many exciting ways for small businesses to utilize their website to the max. The goal is to offer customers a reason to return again and again, and the only way to do that is to offer fresh content.

Five Fresh Ways to Update Your Website:

• Offer printable discounts and coupons, including birthday BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free), and a discount for referrals

• Offer small tips for do it yourselfers and answers to common questions

• Consider uploading photographs of special events, a customer appreciation award, or featuring a monthly customer. Some sites have a place for customers to use as a “billboard” and wish a family member a happy birthday or happy anniversary. This can drive two or three dozen new people to your site.

• Contests! Everyone loves to win something. Have a weekly or monthly drawing for a free service or nice discount. Tell them they have to register for the contest online. This is a smart way to get them to visit your site.

• Go for the funny bone. It’s great when a business offers a side of humor on their site. Great quotes, clean jokes, and cartoons can be downloaded from other free sites and give your small business more of a family and community feel.

It’s vitally important that small businesses infuse their website with fresh content monthly, or even better, weekly. In order to update your website, and you use a web designer, you will need to know the password and how to log-in so that you can make small changes to the site—or have an agreement with your web designer for monthly upgrades. Many businesses outsource their website and internet needs, but it’s important to begin to learn the ropes and start implementing these upgrades regularly.

Fresh content is proven way to keep customers coming back. Taking the time to update your website regularly will become a Monday morning habit, and can actually become an enjoyable part of your day and well worth the investment of your time. In today’s belt-tightening economy, small businesses must use every incentive they can–discounts, tips, humor, and a little bit of customer attention will create a connection with your customers and establish your presence online and in your community.