co Link Building: Alternative Methods to Rock Your Marketing |

We know that link building is one of the best ways to boost your business site`s SEO, and I`ve talked several times about it here on this blog. However, there are still many areas left unexplored that you can use to build up backlinks and traffic for your website.

For the most part, we think of link building as having to do with text links, so forums, blog comments, etc. are the foundation of most marketing attempts. But if you look at what people are looking at online, it`s not all text. In fact, the majority of web surfers these days are watching videos and searching for images. Are you making use of this?

Video Link Building

You can build up links by putting videos on sharing sites like YouTube, Revver, and other similar sites. Using your keywords, when appropriate, in the tags will help people find you on the search engines. Then, include a link back to your site in your profile, or if permitted, in the video description.

Image Link Building

If you have images, be they graphs, photos or sketches, they can be uploaded to image hosting sites such as Flickr where you can add keywords to the tags and descriptions and a link, as well. This is yet another useful form of effective link building. Also, making sure that your photos are linked to other pages on your site can help build deep links and is a technique that is not often used.

Link building is something every small business owner should be using. It`s a vital part of working with the internet and can be a huge boost to your business site`s SEO.