co Setting Up Networking Opportunities in Real Life |

It`s not always necessary to wait for some big event to happen so you can get your networking quota in for the year. In fact, you`ll probably find that smaller, spread out events are better for building networking contacts more steadily. And, if there aren`t any coming up in your area, why not set up your own?

A few ideas:

  • Blogger Meetup. If you follow the blogs of others who are in your area, why not arrange to meet at a centrally located restaurant or coffeehouse? This is becoming more popular these days and can be a great way to network with others in a similar mind-set.
  • Twitter Meetup. Like blogging, Twitter often results in becoming familiar with others and the next step is to connect in real life.
  • Business Lunch. There are probably quite a few other entrepreneurs and small business owners in your area, so you could arrange a lunch where everyone could come to meet and connect. This can be a very useful method of getting to know who is available in your hometown or even state.

Don`t be afraid to make things happen for you in the world of networking. There`s not much point in waiting around for someone else to set something up, you`ll miss a lot of great opportunities! A small meet up doesn`t have to be complicated, you can easily just hang out at a coffee shop and talk, so there`s no need for big event planning. Just get out there and start networking!