co Press Releases for SEO Boosts |

When you think of PR or press releases, chances are you`re thinking about sending them off to a newspaper editor or perhaps a news site. While this is what most people use press releases for, they actually have a dual purpose.

A little known secret is that press releases can create a major SEO boost for your business. Even without being too full of keywords, a press release is so information packed that it really catches the attention of both human news readers and the search engines. When you start submitting your news to various sites around the internet, you will end up with plenty of backlinks, not to mention your company name will be quite noticeable around the net.

Don`t think of press releases as simply a way to get your news picked up by major reporters and magazines, they are much more than that. Even just putting them out on a site like PRWeb can garner quite a bit of attention!

Press releases are highly underestimated . . . stop thinking of them as being a minor part of your small business strategy and start getting them out there.