co Why Paid Link Building is a No No |

It seems like a lot of work to build up decent links and truthfully, link building can take up a lot of your time, so why not just buy the links? While those who have been online for some time know that this can be a death sentence for your search engine traffic, if you`re newer to the world of link building and SEO, you might not be aware of the issues surround paid links.

You see, it used to be just fine to buy links. People picked them up for a song left, right and center and they got a lot of great “Google juice” and sent their websites soaring through the search engine ranks. It was a time when it was extremely easy to beat out the competition simply by investing enough money in links.

Then Google became aware of what was happening and gave a warning, letting website owners know that they weren`t going to allow this. Very few people listened until there was what we call a “Google slap”. The top websites lost their PageRank if they had paid for links. There was a lot of chaos in the world of paid linking at that point and a short time later, even more people were Google slapped.

These days, most website owners are paranoid about buying links and for good reason. While it may seem like a faster, more efficient method of link building, it`s not a good idea to risk your traffic this way.