co Email Marketing: Why You Need to Use It |

Small businesses need every advantage they can get and email marketing is just one of the ways to get ahead. If you have a method of reaching your clients over and over again, you`ll be able to reinforce your sales message and build up your reputation . . . resulting in more sales.

Email marketing is effective.
If you go about it right, you`ll find that email marketing is extremely effective and far more useful than many other methods of marketing your small business.

Email marketing is economical.
Print marketing is simply too costly for many small businesses these days, but email marketing can literally cost you $20 a month if you do your own writing. Add a little extra if you are planning on hiring a ghostwriter to do this work for you.

Email marketing is interactive.
People can respond to email, so it`s worth it to continue sending these out. Make sure you invite people to share their thoughts with you and you`ll end up with people who are far more likely to buy from you, since they fell that you are a real person.

Email marketing can be tracked.
You can have a far more successful email marketing campaign if you track the results and alter your messages to fit. This will help you stick to what works.

If you aren`t already using email marketing to help promote your small business, now is the time to get started!