co Social Media: Finding the Right Site to Join |

There are so many social media sites out there, Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter . . . few people can focus on all of them, at least not when they have a business to run. But choosing just one or two of these social media websites can be a confusing proposition. Just how do you go about narrowing the list down?

You`ll need to consider several things as you go about making the choice.

Personality. Each type of social media site tends to attract a different type of person. For example, Digg is usually used most often by college students, males in particular. That doesn`t mean you have to be in college to use Digg, but keep in mind that most of what you`ll find there is going to be related to that age group and mindset.

Relevancy. Not all social media sites are going to be good for your particular business. The best thing to do is choose one that has a category for your topics and stay far away from anything that is specific to another area. For example, you wouldn`t want to bookmark your VA service on a parenting social media site.

Ease of use. Not all websites that work for social media are easy to use. Make sure you won`t be avoiding it because it`s too hard or requires too many steps. StumbleUpon is a good example of a great system. When you like a page, you just click on the thumbs up in your toolbar and sending a page to someone on your contact list is literally as simple as clicking on their name in a dropdown menu. There`s no point in joining a social media network that you`ll never come back to.

Choose your social media site carefully and make a point of picking one that fits you and your business. You`ll be far more successful this way.