co Why Tracking Your Visitors Is Important |

With any website, tracking is important, but if you are trying to build a business profile online, you`ll need to really take note of this. It`s vital to know who is visiting your site and why. There are a lot of trends that can be spotted in the statistics and contrary to popular belief, the sheer number of visitors is not the most important.

Unique visitors. This tells you how often NEW people are coming to your website. If you have 2,000 visitors and only 500 unique visitors, that means most people are coming back an average of four times. This is good to know.

Pages. Understanding where people are entering your site and where they are leaving is also useful. If they are all flooding to one particular page, you might want to optimize that page for conversion. On the other hand, if people are tending to leave from another page, take note and see if you can`t figure out a way to keep them longer on the site.

Search terms. Where are these people coming from? The list of search terms that your visitors are using to find your page can be handy to look at. It will give you an idea of what to optimize for, as well. If a lot of people are including the words “rubber tire” in their searches and ending up on your website, you might want to add an article or two that is optimized for those keywords.

Tracking is vital to online business success. You need to know who is visiting your site so you can tailor the experience to their needs and hopefully up your conversion rates.