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Welcome to the GONZO Business Carnival. Here’s a great list of links to business blogs and blog posts about business. I can’t guarantee it’s all STRICTLY business, if you know what I mean, but I think you’ll get a real kick out of most of these blog posts. Try clicking on a few links and reading what these bloggers have to say then leave a comment. And while you’re at it, leave a comment here on this blog post. Let us know what you think about all this business!

Around The World In 50 Links

First ride (show your tickets please!), A Basic Introduction To Being A Maternity Nanny from Nursery Jobs Only, a blog about – you guess it – childcare, teaching, nursing, social care, and other professional nursery opportunities. And to think, I thought it was all about botany!

Well, after a long hard day of work at the nursery you might need to stop off at the ATM and draw some money for your after nursing shopping needs. But what about those credit card skimmers? They have a job to do too, you know. Lauren Rose shares three ways thieves may gain access to your personal information in Credit Card Skimmers – Keep Your Eye on Your ATM card and gives a few tips on how to prevent it from happening. The No Debt Anymore blog just might be what the doctor (is there a doctor in the house?) ordered.

Jeremy Stybel and Jason Yourofsky at Michigan Mortgage share a few things about getting a construction loan in Michigan in The MI Construction Loan and What You Need To Know. But in Park City, Utah they’re talking about economic slowdowns. Jim & Billie Harsch write the Park City Journal and tell why businesses in Park City, Utah aren’t so gloomy about the economy in Residents and Businesses Shake Off Economic Slowdown. Are you as optimistic as they are?

Across the big pond in Scotland, ASM Development discusses how to build a buzz with your blog on the Scotland SEO Blog. Meanwhile, back in the states, John Klabacka teaches commercial truck drivers and crane operators how to get licensed in Colorado. The ATS Heavy Equipment Operator School seems like a better place to learn than the old-fashioned U. of Hard Knocks.

In Gettysburg, Allen Taylor is willing to share the wealth with a unique business opportunity for college students on his Gettysburg Pennsylvania Blog.

Moving on along to Canton, Ohio, Anthony McCune shows a view of a golf course in his picturesque blog, What I See Out My Window. And with even more scenic verve he starkly highlights the expanded Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad schedule on the Stark County, Ohio blog. The North Canton Beat says it’s time to dance. Isn’t that special?

Les Scammel loves his Sumo Omni and laments its loss at Just 4 Families. But he really blows smoke about Christmas rip offs on his very, very radical blog.

Judy Fleenor asks “Can Pop Art bring you Money?” on her MyPopArt blog. Krista at Diamonds Rings and Earrings asks if jewelry has a place in boardrooms. And Beth Mann shares only positive news in her short story about regular people making universal differences.

But even if you dress up in pretty rings and things, you might still want to wear a smile to your next your next board meeting. That’s the advice the Wayzata Dental Staff gives in the Wayzata Dental blog when they talk about the role of a smile in communication and networking. At Medical Practice 101, Andy Press tells psyciatrists how to remember their calls.

I’m sure Kilroy_60 was wearing his prettiest smile (though he doesn’t look like the diamond ring or earring type) when he left his Taco Bell meeting. But the information he left with was much more valuable than what he arrived with evidently because he came up with a great idea for a train the trainer training and writes about it on his Fear and Loathing blog.

Kilroy would love to talk about offline marketing with Shirley George Frazier. When she says it’s time to consider offline marketing on her Solo Business Marketing Blog, people listen (well, I did anyways). Allen Taylor, on the other hand, prefers to talk about Internet marketing on his Internet marketing blog. In Making Money Online Isn’t Hard, But It Ain’t Easy Either, he shares his thoughts on how to start a business online.

Whether you do business online or offline, however, Anthony says to make a decision to succeed. And if anyone should know about success it would be a writer for hire. And if you need to know more, just find out what it’s like to live a writer’s life from the Stark Reporter. Anthony also shares 7 keys to customer service excellence at the Lives And Times.

All of that may well be good, but Allen Taylor asks the biggest question of all – What’s For Sale? That seems to be on his mind a lot as he writes the For Sale Blog. Anthony shares what he thinks is the best commercial ever at Bloggers United For Success. And if that isn’t enough to drive your business home, bringing up the rear of the carnival parade is Fanboni. Ah! The vanity of it all.