co Link Building and Networking with Squidoo |

Squidoo is one of those sites that Google just loves, which means great link building potential. If you search for any popular keywords, chances are there will be a Squidoo lens (webpage) in the search results. And now you can put that to good use for your site.

It literally takes a few minutes, an hour tops, to put together a nice Squidoo lens that will link back to your business site. It is also a useful method of establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Also, lenses can be made interactive, with a guestbook where people can make their views known. You can also comment on other lenses and presto, networking and link building in one!

The actual sign up process is very simple, but once you are in, what should you do with your lens? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Choose a title with keywords. This will help your search engine results. For example if you are in the VA business, you might put “How to Hire a VA” as the title. You can also specify keywords when setting things up.

Use photos. Lenses, or any webpage for that matter, will be more interesting if they are illustrated. Add a stock photo to each module and you will end up with a far more interesting lens.

Keep it brief. You can have unlimited modules, so keep each one brief. Each text module can focus on just one point, there`s no need to write an article in each one.

Switch it up. Make use of the extra modules . . . add in a quote in a thought bubble, make a point with a Blackbox, etc.

Keep it real. There`s no real reason to use the monetization modules in Squidoo if your main purpose is link building. Leave out the Ebay and Amazon links and just stick to making it a truly informative webpage.

Limit the links. It might be tempting to add links all over, but keeping it to two or three per lens is a better idea. You won`t be penalized by Google and you can link to three different pages on your website.

Not interested in doing your Squidoo lens to do some link building? There are plenty of lenses out there that are for sale . . . you just need to change the links. Also, you can get custom built Squidoo lenses made just for your business. It`s a powerful resource that not many business owners are taking advantage of just yet.