co GONZO Biz Carnival: Tomorrow's The Deadline |

Last month I announced the GONZO Business Carnival. This is just to say that tomorrow is the last day to enter. Submit your entry before 11:59 p.m. on January 9.

Just to recap:

Your blog doesn’t have to be a business blog, but we are looking for posts about business. Topics you might consider writing about include:

  • What the business of business means to you
  • Your experience as an employee, a manager and/or a business owner
  • Tips for success
  • An area about which you have questions or can use help
  • A company or business person you admire
  • Tales of the glass ceiling
  • Your experience as a customer, either in general or with a particular company
  • Anything related to Internet marketing

Or, just use your imagination and write about business in your own special way!

You don’t have to write a post just for this carnival. It can be a post you’ve already written. As long as it is about business. Please include the following information in your submission:

    —(-)-> Your name as you would want it to appear in the post
    —(-)-> The name of your blog
    —(-)-> Your blog URL
    —(-)-> The title of your post
    —(-)-> The post URL

Submit your blog posts to gonzobizcarnival @ and, of course, take out the spaces before and after the @ symbol.

Oh, and feel free to enter these two carnivals as well. Both of them have tomorrow as a deadline.

* The Gonzo Social Media Carnival
* The Gonzo Gratitude Carnival

The GONZO Business Carnival is sponsored by For Your Success as a part of the Gonzo Blog Carnival Series.