co How to Get Awesome Backlinks |

The best types of link building are those where you get links back to your site without them being reciprocal, or without you having to return the favor. Search engines add extra value to this type of link and so, when you are busy getting backlinks, finding ways to get one way links is a very good SEO move.

Where do you get these awesome backlinks? There are a few places . . .

Forums: You can usually leave your URL in your signature within forums and this is an important way to get backlinks. Just be sure that you are following the rules.

Link Circles: If you like a blog and want to link to it, but don`t want a direct back link, you can set up a link circle. It works like this: Site A links to Site B. Site B links to Site C. And Site C links to Site A. You can do this with multiple sites or between three completely different sites.

Blogs: These are a little trickier, but if you are writing excellent content on your own business blog, other bloggers will want to link to it . . . no strings attached. Which means you can get some very high quality links simply by writing useful content.

You`ll find other opportunities for getting one way backlinks, as well. It`s link building at its finest!