co Developing a Website That Converts |

The main reason you need a website for your small business is to get attention. If your site doesn`t convert visitors to clients on a regular basis, what`s the point?

Website development isn`t just about creating a pretty site for your business, it needs to capture people`s attention. While nice graphics are a great start, what you really need is lots of useful information. Most people will be searching for more information rather than trying to buy a specific product. Either way, you want them to find you and stick around.

Providing quality information will keep people on your site long enough to convey your message. Hopefully, you`ll have done a good job of copywriting, or hired someone to do it so that you will have a higher conversion rate.

It also pays to have an email list so you`ll be able to contact these interested parties at a later date. The more often you can get your message across to them, the more likely you are to gain clients, so your website development needs to include your message as often as possible.