co Have a Networking Plan |

Networking isn`t necessarily something that comes naturally to everyone, but it is certainly something you can learn. One way to ensure that you take full advantage of all the opportunities that come up is to have a networking plan.

Basically, a networking plan is to ensure that you know what to do when faced with a networking opportunity. First, you`ll need to identify possible chances to speak about your business. For example, non-formal situations like the doctor`s office and formal situations like a business meeting.

Each of these chances will present you with different opportunities. You`ll want to develop an “elevator speech” or a speech which you could deliver in 60 seconds that explains exactly what your business is about. This can be your first response when someone asks what you do.

What will you do next to network? That`s up to you. It could include giving your business card to the person, sending them your URL or just about anything else that will promote further contact.