co Reputation Management: Grabbing Those Top Spots Yourself |

One of the best ways to ensure that only good things are being spread about you online is to take up those first several spots on the search engines yourself. How do you do that? Well, here are a few ways.

  • Article marketing. Places like Ezine Articles tend to rank fairly high for specific keywords, so if you are targeting your main keywords in your article marketing, these are the articles that will show up in the search engines.
  • Blogging. Blogs are much loved by search engines, so using one that will provide plenty of keyword exposure for your business and will give you a good chance of getting up there in the rankings.
  • Link building. When you use link building techniques to boost your own business site and blog posts, you`ll beat out a lot of the lesser sites that may only mention you once to complain.

Getting your own articles, blog and website into the top ten spots on the search engines will mean that you control what people see when they do a search on your business or even keywords. It takes a lot of work, but reputation management is worth it.