co Social Media: A Challenge for 2009 |

With the new year upon us in less than 24 hours, I`d like to challenge you to take your business to the next level in 2009 with social media.

Even if you have never touched a social media site or if you`ve signed up and never done anything about it, it`s time to actually get in there and start connecting with others. You`ll be amazed at how rapidly it begins to affect your business in a positive manner.

Since everyone works better with specifics, here`s the challenge: pick a goal that you can do on a regular basis. Some ideas include:

* Adding 2 friends to a network each week
* Stumbling or bookmarking 5 sites a week
* Asking someone to bookmark mutually once a month

Leave a comment here telling the world what your goal is (or you could blog about it and link back to this post). This is a great way to hold yourself accountable . . . others will know what you`re supposed to be doing. And then, let us know how you`re doing as you progress through the year with your new social media strategy!

Happy New Year and I`m looking forward to seeing your goals!