co 5 Ways to Do More Social Networking |

Social networking is very important if you really want to get ahead these days. You see, the internet isn`t just an information source anymore, it`s an interactive place to meet people and learn from them. While there are certainly some bad apples out there, the basic premise of online networking is still a good one.

How can you boost your social networking skills? Here are a few ways.

  1. Take the time. Learn a new social networking system each month or every two months. It will really pay off.
  2. Get recommendations. Look at your existing networks. Where else do they tend to meet? For example, if your Facebook contacts are also on LinkedIn, check that out, as well.
  3. Add new people. Don`t be spammy, but adding two or three new contacts a day to your networks can be a good way to grow it.
  4. Broadcast your business. If you are social online, you can get away with the occasional self-promotion, so use it wisely and give people specifics as to why they should see your website.
  5. Set a schedule. It`s easy to put off a few minutes of social networking when you have a lot to do, so make sure it is in your schedule at least 3-4 times a week.

Make an effort to do more social networking and you`ll see rewards.