co Link Building for Traffic |

Link building can be a very useful way to boost SEO and search engine rankings, but this isn`t the only purpose of getting your URL out there. It`s also good to take into account the human factor. People who see your links should want to click on them and go to your website. It`s not a good idea to only rely on search engines for your traffic.

What makes people click on the links they find? Most of them will be clicking to find more information on a topic they are interested in. You`d be surprised at how much traffic can come in from even a comment you make on someone else`s blog, which is why it`s important to make sure you leave good, relevant comments, not something like “nice job, take a look at my site” which only marks you as a spammer. If you really add to the conversation, you`ll end up with more clickthroughs.

Make sure you don`t spam while link building and you`ll end up with a lot more clickthroughs. These are still important even if they don`t bring in as much traffic as a good search engine result, why not go for both at the same time?