co Setting Social Media Goals for the New Year |

It`s nearly 2009 and the new year is the perfect time to start anew and really focus on your goals. Why not pick social media as one of the things you`d like to really work on in 2009?

Social media is only going to grow in popularity, so if you haven`t really done much with it so far, it`s time to really start working on this method of promoting your business. You`ll see huge rewards if you do it properly.

Setting some goals for the new year is always good. I`m not talking about resolutions, which tend to be too difficult to carry through with. No, these goals are something you can and will accomplish, by laying out the steps to reach them. For example, you might dedicate yourself to establishing a presence on one social media site every three months. You choose the site, then spend a set amount of time per day on it, perhaps 10 min. or even bookmarking a specific number of sites each day and connecting with 2 people per day or 10 a week, etc. The goals are flexible, the idea is to start working toward better publicity.

What are your goals for the new year? How are you going to be using social media to boost your business?