co PPC: Creating Relevant Landing Pages |

If you`ve ever clicked on an ad only to end up on a website that appears to have nothing to do with what you clicked on, then you know how bad an idea it is not to optimize your landing page. Pay per click advertising can be very effective if you do it right, but even getting relevant traffic isn`t going to help if people are going to be confused when they reach the landing page.

For each targeted PPC ad that you put out there, you need to make sure that it leads back to a page that will give people what they want. For example, if you are targeting one ad at teachers and another at parents, having them end up on a page that appeals to firemen isn`t really going to do the trick.

Your landing page should also fit with what the ad is about. Using cryptic language on the your advertising will only result in a confusion once the person arrives at the landing page. The chances that they`ll click away are very high and you`ll end up paying for too many clicks that don`t give you anything in return.

Pay per click can be very useful. Just make sure that your landing page is appropriate for the ad and you`ll boost your conversion rate.