co Podcasting for Email Addresses |

Email addresses are what you need if you want to really capture people`s attention and maintain it. Everyone knows that the money is in the list and it doesn`t matter what business you are in, you can always benefit from an email list.

Podcasting is an excellent way to gather email addresses. You can give your visitors a small clip of audio, plus a run down of what will be included in the full podcast. All they need to do in order to listen to this educational and any other useful podcast in the future is sign up with their email address.

You`ll need to be sure not to abuse this email address, since that`s a sure way to lose your potential clients. Keep emails short and informative and you`ll end up with far more people who stay subscribed to you. Podcasts on a regular basis can also help maintain subscribers.

Keeping your podcasts informative and not particularly long (15-20 min.) is the best way to ensure people stay interested. Make it worth their while to hand over their email address.