co PR for Small Business: When to Go Pro |

You can do a lot of the PR for your small business on your own. Often it`s fairly easy to get some extra publicity for your company, whether you want to hire ghostwriter to do your press releases or write them yourself.

There are many ways to publicize your business, but when you are successful, you`ll need to move on to other things and let a pro handle the PR. There simply isn`t enough time in a day for a business owner to do everything on their own, so outsourcing things like PR is a very smart move, allowing you to focus on the more important parts of running the business.

When should you start outsourcing PR? In my opinion, as soon as you can afford it. You`ll end up with far more publicity if someone is dedicated to this task only and will have more experience in it. They can maintain a constant presence while you are working on other things and this can only benefit your business.

PR is a very important part of ensuring that your small business continues, but it`s also something that can take up a lot of time if you don`t outsource. Having someone else take care of it will free you up.