co Link Building: Not Just an Outside Job |

Most people realize that link building is a good way to get a little extra search engine attention, but did you know that you don`t have to rely entirely on outside linkage?

Deep linking, or linking to pages within your own website or blog, is also a good method of link building that will impress the search engines. While you might be aiming for better SEO, keep in mind that it also helps visitors to your site find other pages and information on your site.

If you are reading through an interesting article and find a link to something else that is interesting, chances are you`ll follow it. The same goes for the majority of your website visitors. If you want to increase the usefulness of your business site, make it easy for your human visitors to find more on the topic they are searching for.

Your anchor text matters here. Make sure that you are linking using relevant words, like I just did here. This is useful for people and search engines and will help with SEO, as well.