co Could Podcasts Grow Your Customer Base? |

We`ve talked a bit about video marketing here before, but another area that many people feel more comfortable with is podcasting. Since you don`t have to appear on screen, this makes it a little easier for those with stage fright to promote their business in a more personal manner.

Podcasting doesn`t even need to take much time, it`s something that you can put together fairly quickly. Some business owners offer longer podcasts, with effects and interviews, etc. However, this is really not necessary and you can keep it to just 5-10 min. if that`s what you feel more comfortable recording.

The advantage of using podcasting to market your small business is that people prefer to buy from human beings. A website can often be construed as corporate or too professional. Having a real live person talking to them about the business is a great way to connect with visitors.

If you aren`t sure about the whole video idea, then you might prefer to take a look at podcasting. It`s a great alternative that still offers plenty of room for personality.