co Business Writing: Perfecting Your Signature |

How you close a letter or email is an important part of business writing and one that should be perfected. Your signature line should convey a sense of your business and include relevant information, particularly if you are writing an email.

When it comes to letters, contact information is usually at the top of the page, but with emails, we tend to save that for last. This is completely acceptable in business writing, but you do need to make sure that your signature line is something that will encourage people to click through to your site.

If you don`t already have a tag line for your business, this is an excellent time to develop one. It can be hyperlinked in your signature line to take the reader directly to your website. Otherwise, you`ll want to include a line or two about your business and link to it.

Do be careful not to run on. There`s nothing more annoying than an email signature line that just goes on for a dozen lines! That`s poor business writing, so be sure to avoid it.