co Search Engines: Do You Really Need to Be Top 10? |

Everywhere you look, people are talking about the importance of getting into the first page of results in the search engines. When you are looking at millions of results, it can seem like a pretty daunting task, hitting that top ten list. So, is it really necessary?

In a word, yes. If you want to get the best traffic possible, you need to be very visible. Most people don`t change their settings, so the first page of any search engine will only include the top ten results. Some people do look further, clicking on to the next page of results, but they almost never go past the 3rd page, meaning that you have to be in the top 30 results to catch their attention.

The number of searchers who are actually going to go to page 10 or 50 and find you if you aren`t on that first page is pretty low. It won`t do you much good at all unless you can land yourself in those top results.

So, now that you know it really is very important to get into the top ten, what can you do to ensure you make it? Here are the areas you will need to cover:

  • SEO on website
  • Link building
  • Online reputation

Obviously there are more things you can do, but these three cover everything from article marketing to blogging. The point is that it takes some work and dedication to beat out the competition on the search engines, but you can do it if you know where to start.