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Are you frustrated with the current economy or feeling stuck, not knowing where to focus or how to market your business? Or feeling confused, not knowing which marketing tactics will really work for YOUR business, or which marketing tactics you should implement and in which order ??

I know that one of the biggest challenges is knowing WHERE to spend your hard-earned marketing dollars, and HOW to leverage your time so you get the most bang for your marketing buck — right? As a consultant who works with small business owners, I hear these types of questions from my clients all the time. Up until now, I’ve had only two solutions to offer my clients — one-on-one consulting time with me (at $150 per hour), or my live workshops, held locally in Minnesota for $50 each.

Neither solution met everyone’s needs – one-on-one consulting can add up over time … and the live workshops are convenient only for those folks who live near me in Minnesota. That’s why I’m SO excited to tell you about a new program I’m launching in January called ….. (drumroll …. ) The Maverick Marketing Mastermind Group!

My new Mastermind Group will feature 2 LIVE Webinars each month, where we’ll walk step-by-step through tons of creative, fun – and affordable – ways that you can market your business, get customers coming to you, increase your sales and never have to cold call again! We’ll spend a lot of time talking about new media — you know, that “Web 2.0 stuff” you’ve heard so much about – using sites like LinkedIn and YouTube to grow your business, how to create a website that sells – and can be found in the search engines. We’ll also talk about “traditional” marketing – how to develop a marketing plan (one that you’ll actually be able to implement), how to define (once and for all) what your unique selling proposition is, how to figure out who your target audience is … and much, much more. Probably one of the best parts of the Webinars will be the opportunity during each session for you to ask questions that you have, that are specific to your business – things YOU need to know to grow your business — every session will include plenty of time for Q&A so YOU get what YOU need from each call.

*Maverick Marketing Mastermind Group
*LIVE Calls are held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month:
1st Wednesday: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CST (That’s 9am PST and Noon EST).
3rd Wednesday: 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. CST (That’s 5pm PST and 8pm EST)

Every Webinar will be recorded, so you’ll have access to go back and listen as often as you like … AND you’ll have access to my new “Members Only” area on the Web, where you’ll have complete access to all of my products available on my website, all of the materials for each of my live workshops that I do here locally, my Biz Blogging Basics D-I-Y Blogging Kit, and lots of other goodies … Plus, I’ll be inviting my marketing buddies to join our live Webinars from time-to-time — people that I know are building great businesses and have expertise to share that I don’t want you to miss.

Maverick Marketing Mastermind Group membership is on a monthly basis, and will be priced at just $57 per month — however — as a “thank you” for being a loyal reader, I’m offering Charter Memberships for my readers this month for just $47 per month … that’s a $10 monthly discount ($120 for the year!!!) … but you’ll need to act quickly as the Charter Membership offer will expire soon and the price will go up to the regular rate of $57 per month.

To take advantage of this great deal, just go to: and click on January, 2009 and press “Go” – click on the event on January 7th (the first Mastermind Group meeting) and register.

Do it today — I don’t want you to miss this great offer!! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!