co Link Building: Use Anchor Text for Better Results |

Anchor text is what you need when dealing with link building for your business, to help increase the amount of hits you receive. It`s very simple to incorporate and can do wonders for your search engine rankings.

Link building is an activity that you need to be participating in regularly if you want great search engine results. You`ll find that using some great anchor text with well placed keywords will help.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep anchor text relevant. Have a few keywords that you can interchange, but don`t use them out of place.
  • Mix it up. Using the exact same anchor text is a sure way to get slapped by Google, so mix it up. For example, you might use, “Christmas cookie recipes” for one article and “recipes for Christmas cookies” in another.
  • Go slowly. There are services out there that claim to build hundreds of links immediately, but this isn`t what you want. Link building should be natural looking or, once again, the search engines will penalize you.

Keeping your link building natural and changing the anchor text around is the best way to go about gaining search engine popularity. Combined with other SEO techniques, it can be invaluable.