co Reputation Management: Get People Talking |

Having a great reputation takes a lot more than you saying that you`re a trustworthy brand. The truth is, for proper reputation management, you need other people to say this about you, since potential clients are far more likely to believe reviews that they read than a company trying to sell something.

There are many ways to go about getting good reviews, let`s take a look at a few of them, shall we?

Offer great service. The absolute best way to get people talking about you is to offer great customer service. If people are happy customers, they will start leaving good reviews around the internet.

Give something away. By offering a free sample of your product to a blogger, you`ll likely get a free review on a blog. People trust the bloggers that they read regularly and this is a tactic that quite a few larger companies are using now.

Buy reviews. Many blogs offer reviews for pay, though this can get you into hot water with Google who sees it as link buying. However, it can still be a good way to work on your online reputation management.

Reputation management is a very important part of business. You don`t want to have more bad information about you on the internet than there is good, so offering great service, quality products and building up your reputation is a great start.