co Make Email Marketing More Effective with This Simple Tip |

If you have tried email marketing before and found that it just isn`t working as well as you`d hoped, there is still more you can do. We can always be improving our marketing campaigns, of course, but I`m going to share a little tip that will make your email marketing more effective.

Be more personal.

Do you pay more attention to someone who writes to your in a formal, educational tone or someone who is writing as a friend? We automatically listen to our friends better, so if you can create that feeling in your email marketing, you`ll find that more and more people will start to pay attention and buy from you.

It`s just a matter of relating to your readers. Say hi at the beginning of the email and include codes that will be replaced with the person`s name. Personalized emails seem far friendlier and will be more likely to get a good response.

That`s it. Be friendly and personal in your email marketing. Your business will benefit.