co Business Writing in Emails: Is It the Same? |

With email being the preferred method of communication these days, business writing seems to have fallen by the wayside. While email may foster a more casual attitude, it`s important to remember that people are still impressed with a well written letter.

Greetings: Your greeting in an email should be formal. Going with a “Hey there” isn`t going to gain you any popularity points.

Writing: How formal should business writing be? Well, some people are all for going full on formal even in email, I say you can relax a little, but keep it professional.

Signature: Make sure you use a proper signature, something like, “Sincerely, Caroline Melberg” or something similar. You can include your URL below, as well, that is perfectly acceptable.

Business writing is still an important skill, even if you do most of your communication via email. Make sure you know how to put together a good, formal email and you`ll impress your clients.