co Video Marketing: Promoting Your Videos |

Making the video to promote your website is the easy part of video marketing. Once you have the video or videos, what should you do to make sure they get the best distribution? There are literally tens of thousands of videos on websites like YouTube, so what are the chances of someone finding yours?

Getting links to your video is always a good idea, this will help it appear higher in the search engines. You can do this by linking to it from your website or blog and via article marketing. If you`ve made some good videos that are viral, then other people will start to link to them as well.

Using a good title for your video will help people find it when doing searches. Be sure to add tags that include your keywords, whenever you are given the opportunity. This is an area that is very important since it helps not only people, but search engines find your videos.

Video marketing draws a lot of attention, often far more than text marketing, but it doesn`t mean that you can just upload a video and sit back. Be proactive!