co Social Networking: Is Facebook Worthy of Your Attention? |

There are so many social networking options out there that it would be a big mistake to sign up for all of them. You would simply be overwhelmed. That`s why it`s important to take your time and decide which networks will best serve your needs.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites around. Originally started to help long lost friends and classmates reunite, this website is now used by people of all ages and has turned into a real business medium for some.

While the focus of this social networking site is still on keeping in touch with your friends, you`ll find that many marketers use it to promote their business as well. There are plenty of options available for this. You can set up networks of business contacts, to stay in touch with them and include RSS feeds to your blog right on your profile page.

That being said, Facebook can easily turn into a waste of time. There are frequently newly released applications offered that can do everything from diagnose your love life to full blown RPGs that take up a lot of time. You may start in with the intention of using the social networking site as just a business thing, but if you aren`t careful, it quickly turns into just another time waster.

If you have to choose, I think a site like StumbleUpon is probably more worth your time. Having an account on Facebook is all fine and good, but do try to limit the amount of time you spend doing other things on there, since it can really take away from your promotion time.