co Email Marketing Tips to Keep Subscribers |

Email marketing can be tough, if you`re watching your numbers constantly. Every email that you send out will likely result in some people unsubscribing from your list. While it`s not nice, it does happen to everyone.

Here are a few email marketing tips for keeping your subscribers around a little longer.

  • Don`t email too often. Most people don`t want to receive dozens of emails in a week from the same person and will quit your list.
  • Keep emails short. Long emails take too much time to read and you`ll lose subscribers.
  • Avoid only ads. Unless people have signed up to receive ad-laden email marketing, try to balance the ads with more informative articles.
  • Double check everything. A common ploy these days is to mess up accidentally so you can send another email. Unfortunately, this means even legit mistakes are suspect.

Email marketing is a great way to increase business, but you do need to be careful. You won`t be able to avoid all unsubscribes, but you can certainly minimize the damage!