co Internet Marketing: Using Affiliate Programs to Increase Business |

The internet is everywhere these days and nearly everyone uses it. Chances are, if you have a business, the majority of your clients spend at least some time online. Internet marketing is a way to use that obsession with the online world into something that you can use to build your small business.

The first thing you`ll need is a website, of course, but what comes after that? There are so many methods of marketing that it can be difficult to choose just one or two to focus on. However, that doesn`t mean you need to be stressed out about it . . . why not get other people on your side and working with you to promote your business?

I`m talking about setting up an affiliate program. These are quite popular these days. It`s basically just a system where you let other people promote your products and give them a set percentage or fee as a reward. Your affiliates will work hard to promote your products, often using article marketing, websites and even things like pay per click ads.

Having a whole sales force at your fingertips is always good and with affiliate marketing, you can easily have upwards of a hundred affiliates, without having to pay a salary. You pay them when they sell something, that`s it.

You can set up your own affiliate program, or work through an existing group like Commission Junction or ShareaSale or even Clickbank, if your product is virtual. It`s definitely worth checking out this internet marketing alternative.