co Video Marketing on YouTube |

YouTube is just one of dozens of video sharing sites that are available, but it`s also the most popular. In fact, this company recently announced that they are the second largest search engine! That`s big, and it means that when you are planning your video marketing strategy, it`s a good idea to go with YouTube.

Video marketing has already proven to be extremely popular with the newer generations. Most people are now quite comfortable on the computer and enjoy looking at videos. YouTube is one of the first places that people look when they want to watch videos.

By using video marketing in a popular venue like this, you`ll find that it`s an effective medium for drawing attention to your business. It`s important to put your business URL with a call to action in the actual video, since it`s quite possible that the video will be shown somewhere besides YouTube. When someone shows it on their blog, the viewers won`t be able to read the description or click through to your business site.

Consider using YouTube for your video marketing, as it`s a major player in the world of online vids.