co Mobile Marketing and Small Business: A Good Mix? |

Lately, mobile marketing has been cropping up everywhere. It`s still relatively new, so you`ll find that the competition at this point is still relatively nil. That being said, a lot of small business owners are wondering if mobile marketing really is a good way to go . . . better than, say, email marketing or blog advertising.

While mobile marketing might seem like something out of reach for small businesses, it is actually uniquely suited to them. If you`re a local business, in particular, this could be a great way to go.

Mobile marketing allows you to tightly target your market. You can choose to only advertise to those within your area, for example, so you would end up spending far less money than on a national campaign. It`s certainly worth testing for anyone looking for more publicity in the local area, though you can also expand this to include more generalized areas.

Though mobile marketing may not be ideal for every small business, it is definitely a good way to go for some. If you want to test marketing to a small, very targeted market, then mobile marketing is ideal and could bring you some very impressive results.