co Is Your Business Blog Interesting? |

Anyone can blog. All you need to do in order to start up a blog is start typing and you could technically get away with just a line or two per day. Keywords, product placement and SEO aside, the bottom line is whether or not anyone will actually want to read your business blog.

There are literally millions of blogs in existence, but the majority of these are ignored and left behind once the owners realize that no one is bothering to read their pieces of work. Others may make it big in search engines through careful use of SEO and link building, but no one ever sticks around to read them, the content is so dull.

Is your blog interesting enough that you would read it if you came across it on Google? It`s a good idea to think about how you can improve your blogging and make it more interesting for the reader. While getting good search engine rankings is always nice, it doesn`t mean that you should work on that exclusively. Clients come from people who read and enjoy your blog, so work on that side of things as well.

Blogging isn`t just about SEO. You need to look at what will keep real, human visitors on your blog, as well. Do they even have a reason to stick around?