co You Need More Social Networking Skills |

Everyone in business could use more online networking. It`s something that can really work to boost your business. If you`re interested in increasing the visitors to your website, then you need to get involved with social media.

Not sure how to do that? Well, thankfully, this is one of my specialties, so I`ve put together a workshop that focuses specifically on this area. My upcoming workshop on December 9th will show you how to use social page sites to make your very own web pages, use Flickr and YouTube to bring in traffic and how to build your very own free social networking site.

We`ll be working on these social networking skills at the Byerly’s Community Center, Ridgedale from 6-8:30 pm on Dec. 9th. The cost is just $50 and you can register at this website.

P.S. If you`re interested in my interview on BlogTalkRadio, it went live yesterday and you can now listen in! Just click here to hear it.