co Blogging: Is Daily Posting a Requirement? |

Blogging is just one of several powerful methods of promoting your business. If you haven`t started yet, it`s definitely a good time to think about it. Many people find that they are reluctant to get started in the blogging world because they assume that it is necessary to blog on a daily basis.

While daily posting on your business blog is certainly helpful, it`s not required at all. You can easily have a successful blog just posting a couple times a week. However, the more often that you do your blogging, the better your publicity will be and the more Google will like your site.

If you aren`t sure about even blogging a couple days a week, why not sit down once a month to write several articles that you can then schedule to post throughout the month? This allows you to do all the work at once and reap the benefits for an entire month.

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