co Business Writing: Getting It Right Gains Clients |

You might not realize just how powerful the written word can be. It`s something that can actually cause your business to rise or fall, depending on the quality of the business writing you do.

It`s worth learning to write well, or else hire someone to do it for you, since it really is important. Just imagine if a company sent you a letter or email, asking you to join them in promoting something. Would you consider it if the letter sounded as though a first grader had written it?

While grammar and spelling are extremely important in business writing, most people still make common mistakes with these. It`s often a simple matter to have a friend or family member scan the letter to ensure that it`s not full of errors. It can be difficult to proof your own writing, since you are so close to it, you`ll tend to skip over any errors.

Business writing is a skill that every business owner should have. If you don`t feel that you are skilled enough . . . practice makes perfect.