co Press Releases: Working Online and Off |

There are quite a few different methods of promoting your business both online and off, but one tried and true way is press releases. These are simply reports that are given out to the media, letting them know about a new development in your business that is newsworthy.

Press releases can either be sent directly to the press or put up on websites where they can be chosen by anyone looking for news. This means that your press releases could be picked up by online sites or offline publications, expanding the amount of times that your news and business name is seen.

While you can certainly write a press release yourself, it might be best to have someone with experience do this. It means that you are able to have the best quality and far more possibility of having the press release chosen by the media.

Press releases are a great method of free advertising and depending on how well-written your story is, you could end up on the front page somewhere!