co 3 Ideas for Video Marketing |

Video marketing is definitely the way to go these days if you want to capture a loyal audience. Unlike text, video can`t be skimmed, so it forces people to watch the entire thing . . . unless you`ve produced a lousy video, in which case, the visitor will probably just click away.

Tutorials. You can`t go wrong with a video marketing technique that teaches people how to do what they want to!

Humor. Not everyone has the ability to be funny, but humorous video marketing is the most viral there is. If you can`t be funny, you can hire someone who is.

Review. Why not do a review on your video? It`s a great way to show people up close and personal what a product is really like.

You can probably come up with quite a few other ideas for video marketing, to get your information out in front of people and hopefully get people to pass it along to other potential clients.